Bot Designer for Discord Data API


This Api is built to allow BDFD users to gain easier access to Discords Official API by bypassing BDFD's built-in DAPI Block! We Are NOT affiliated with Bot Designer For Discord (BDFD)


Some endpoints require a Bot Token to be passed via a header. It is extremely recommended you keep your Bot Token safe! We are not responsible for your actions!

We require API Keys! Grab yours in our Support Server!

Data API version required. Must replace <version> with either release or beta.

Using Our API (Discord.js / axios)

const axios = require('axios')
(async () => {
return await axios.get('https://bdfddata.rickyjs.xyz/<version>/user', {
headers: {
'user-id': 'ID OF THE USER TO FETCH'
'apikey': <Your-API-Key>
}).then(res=>JSON.stringify(res.data, null, 2))

//Output *should* be similar to the image provided in "BDFD Eval Function"

Using Our API (BDFD)

$httpAddHeader[user-id;ID OF THE USER TO FETCH]

# Output *should* be similar to the image provided in "BDFD Eval Function"

Understanding What You're Sending

Discord will require certain parameters to correspond with certain requests. Our API will enforce this. All header information is listed with the corresponding endpoints in their own pages. You will notice some endpoints require a header and others don't.

Need Further Assistance?

All questions, concerns, suggestions, and any other feedback can be discussed with our Support Team!

This API is owned and maintained by @ricky.js (formally Rickყ#2006) in the Support Server

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