Delete a specified variable from your database

This endpoint requires a POST request!

Endpoint Headers:

  • apikey - Your Api Auth Key [String] (Required)

Endpoint Body Parameters:

  • name - Name of the variable to delete [String] (Required)


Data API version required. Must replace <version> with either release or beta.

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Example usage of /db/delete endpoint using BDFD

"name": "variable-name"

$httpResult OR $httpResult[entries]

Example usage of /db/delete endpoint using Discord.js

const axios = require('axios');
(async () => {
return await axios.post('https://bdfddata.rickyjs.xyz/<version>/db/delete', {
name: 'variable-name'
headers: {
"apikey": "<YOUR-API-KEY>"

Possible Responses (Codes)

Code 200

API succeeded and details were fetched.

 status: 200,
 entries: true // returns 'true' if successfully deleted, else returns 'false'
Code 400

An error occurred that stopped execution.

    status: 400
    error: 'Cannot read ...  (This can vary)'
Code 424

Origin Database Unavailable

  status: 424,
  error: 'An error occurred while contacting our Database. Please contact the BDFDDaya API Support Team if this issue persists.'

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