👨‍đŸ’ģBDFD x Discord.js Eval

New way to access Discord.js within BDFD!

Deprecation Notice: This form of BDFD x D.js has been deprecated (can still be used, just not being updated). A New version is in the works! Check in on our support server for more information.

The Repl Environment

This part of the BDFDData API is NOT built-in to our official API, this part will be hosted by you! The following repl has been created for you to fork and base your requests on.

Enabling Your Environment

After forking the repl, you will need to use the Environment Secrets. The following secrets will need to be configured (Examples are hyperlinked)

  • TOKEN - Your bot token (Example)

  • INTENTS - Any and all required intents (Example)

  • AUTH - A custom auth token only you will know (Example)

Using The API

$httpAddHeader[auth;<The Auth Token you created>]
$httpPost[https://<repl-name>.<repl-username>.repl.co/eval;{"code": "DJS-CODE-HERE"}]

# Output will vary dependant on input

You may want to learn some Discord.js functions to be able to use this

Keeping your repl online

Replit.com (previously repl.it) has a 5 minute inactivity timer on each repl (unless you have hacker plan). We recommend using Repling to keep your repl active! Repling is another product built by RickyJS to keep repls online for FREE!

Do Remember!

You are not required to host it on Replit. You may host your version anywhere that supports Node.js and Webhosts! Examples Include: Heroku, Glitch, Pterodactyl, etc.

Need Further Assistance?

All questions, concerns, suggestions, and any other feedback can be discussed with our Support Team!

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