Adds a specific emoji reaction to a message

This endpoint requires a POST request!

Endpoint Headers:

  • bot-token - Token of the Bot [String] (Required)

  • chan-id - ID of the channel to be fetched [Snowflake] (Required)

  • msg-id - ID of the message to be fetched [Snowflake] (Required)

  • apikey - Your Api Auth Key [String] (Required)

Endpoint Body Parameters

  • emoji - The emoji to be fetched [Array of Unicode Emoji(s) OR String(s)] (Required)

Default emojis must be sent as unicode

Custom Emojis must be sent as name:id


Data API version required. Must replace <version> with either release or beta.

Bot Designer for Discord

Example usage of /reaction/add endpoint using BDFD

emoji: [<EMOJI1>, <EMOJI2>, ...]

$httpResult OR $httpResult[details]

Example usage of /reaction/add endpoint using Discord.js

const axios = require('axios');
(async () => {
return await axios.post('https://bdfddata.rickyjs.xyz/<version>/reaction/add', {
emoji: [<EMOJI1>, <EMOJI2>, ...]
}, { 
headers: {
'apikey': <YOUR-API-KEY>,
'bot-token': <YOUR-BOT-TOKEN>,
'guild-id': '1064098700307218463',
'chan-id': '1064098700307218463',
'msg-id': '1064098700847210194'

Possible Responses (Codes)

Code 200

API succeeded and details were fetched.

(Retrieves emoji info of the reactions on the message)

 status: 200,
 // if successful, nothing gets returned. else will say 'Unkown Emoji'
Code 400

An error occurred that stopped execution.

    status: 400
    error: 'Cannot read ...  (This can vary)'
Code 401

Invalid bot token was provided.

  status: 401,
  details: { message: '401: Unauthorized', code: 0 }

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