Retrieves information of a given guild OR maps guilds

Endpoint Headers:

  • bot-token - Token of the Bot [String] (Required)

  • guild-id - ID of the guild to be fetched [Snowflake] (Optional)

  • apikey - Your Api Auth Key [String] (Required)

If no guild-id was specified, it will grab all data and retrieve an Array, otherwise it will grab the one specified and retrieve an Object.

This will affect how to grab your data!


Data API version required. Must replace <version> with either release or beta.

Bot Designer for Discord

Example usage of /guild endpoint using BDFD

$httpAddHeader[guild-id;1064098700307218463] $c[Optional header]

$httpResult OR $httpResult[details]

Example usage of /guild endpoint using Discord.js

const axios = require('axios');
(async () => {
return await axios.get('https://bdfddata.rickyjs.xyz/<version>/guild', {
headers: {
"apikey": "<YOUR-API-KEY>",
"bot-token": "<YOUR-BOT-TOKEN>",
"guild-id": "1064098700307218463" // Optional header

Possible Responses (Codes)

Code 200

API succeeded and details were fetched.

 status: 200,
  details: {
    id: '1064098700307218463',
    name: 'BDFDData API',
    icon: 'https://cdn.discordapp.com/icons/1064098700307218463/457e6084378e8c0c7666d805e339316d.jpg',
   >  'Read on `Guild Objects` : https://discord.com/developers/docs/resources/guild#guild-object'
Code 400

An error occurred that stopped execution.

    status: 400
    error: 'Cannot read ...  (This can vary)'
Code 401

Invalid bot token was provided.

  status: 401,
  details: { message: '401: Unauthorized', code: 0 }
Code 404

Guild was not found via DAPI

  status: 404,
  details: { message: 'Unknown Guild', code: 10004 } (this can vary)

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